Haide has been supporting the development of organizations, teams and leaders as a development partner and coach for more than 20 years. She has a long-term experience as a development trainer of top and middle managers, as a facilitator of business-related matters and a guide to enhance company culture. She has been an entrepreneur as well as CEO and Head of Business Development of a company providing professional services. Haide is a practitioner who prefers a needs-based approach. She relies on the toolkit collected over the years including the psychologist education, communication coach training, regular coaching complementary studies and several long-term therapy trainings (systematic family therapy, solution-oriented short therapy, process work, psychodrama, etc). For many years, Haide has trained and supported leaders in implementing a coaching leadership style.

During recent years, Haide’s main focus has been on mental health matters – stress management, development of emotional resilience and burnout prevention. She is a trained meditation teacher and certified instructor of MBSR, the world’s most researched and scientifically validated mindfulness-based stress relief program. 

 Qualifications: Diploma in Psychology (equivalent to a master’s degree, at the University of Tartu), Systemic Family Therapist (Estonian Family Therapy Association); Psychodrama Implementer/Group Leader (Tallinn Psychodrama Institute); Psychodrama Implementer/Supervisor-Coach (at the end of studies, Estonian Moreno Training Center); 
MBSR certified instructor

“It is important for me that there are more happy organizations in Estonia where people get to do meaningful work, feel themselves valued, develop and maximize their potential.”

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„Our team consists of very capable professionals. In addition to personal contributions, our goal was to develop the synergy and collaboration between each other so that we can make better use of each other's strengths, and be better and stronger in entirety. During team coaching sessions, Haide helped us to better understand what kind of teamwork is value-creating teamwork (that is to say not just delegating), and how to develop that. Haide is very open-minded, and in using practical exercises, we have definitely taken several steps forward. This journey as well as our cooperation with Haide will continue.“

Reimo Hammerberg

Partner, Law Firm Sorainen

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„Our paths collided already while working at Elion where I got to experience how extremely professional and kind-hearted Haide is as a person as well as a coach. Therefore, it was only natural to call Haide for help when we needed to build different teams at Nortal. And it was clearly a successful choice. Haide can structure processes well, combine elements of training and team development as well as implement the best coaching practices. In doing so, she has a very delicate touch, without drawing too much attention to herself.
I am ready to take the same path with Haide again also in the future.“

Oleg Shvaikovksy

Member of the Board, Nortal

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„During our very first meeting with Haide, we were able to map the challenge that needs to be tackled, a plan of action on how to achieve solutions and a deadline to present the solutions. Coaching helped me to solve a very big challenge more easily and faster than I could have expected. Looking back, it was a great investment into my development, motivation, and career.“

Andres Sutt

Member of Riigikogu, earlier top management at Eesti Energia, Estonian National Bank and member of the lead team at the European Stability Mechanism

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“Different coaching sessions with Haide have helped me personally to prepare for upcoming difficult conversations, in tidying up my thinking and broadened my view on other people’s perspectives.”

Rain Laane

Chairman of the Board, Estonian Health Insurance Fund

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„Why do I always love to come back to Haide?
Haide, your questions are spot on to get to the essence of the issue at hand, and the tools you offer that support different solution options have always amazed me, it works and it is simple.“

Krista Humal

Head of Human Resources, Estonian Health Insurance Fund

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„It was important to me that I could speak freely. You helped me to direct my thoughts towards the right path, to understand what is really important. You gave me very good tools on how to manage in this fast-paced and changing work-life. How to feel joy and acknowledge myself also when accomplishing smaller tasks. You also helped me to look through the eyes of the other party.
It was not like a course of a pill treatment that you take in and get well. It was more like a prologue to the beginning of a new journey.“

Mare Parve,

Key Account Manager and Head of Service Sales, Tamro Baltics / Tamro Estonia

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„Collaboration with Haide for me as a leader is like „therapy“ where I have the opportunity to find the right answers and solutions from within myself using open conversations and reflections. I have learned to find joy in difficulties and to consider these as challenges. As a team, we are growing from being good specialists into great leaders of our field. The team's development is showing an increase in support, trust, commitment, bravery in showing also one’s weaknesses. As an organization, we have learned to „listen“ and „discuss“ better, and to grow the desire to take on more responsibility that ensures better results for the entire company.“

Aivo Varem

CEO / Member of the Board, Saarioinen Eesti OÜ

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„During the first year as a school principal, I received great support in setting goals, keeping the focus on what is important, and in the reflection of my thoughts. To start a new team and open its potential, we organized a management learning community during the entire academic year which goal was to offer leaders a professional development environment that supports the development of their leadership competencies. Together, we were able to create better opportunities for development and moving forward than any of us would have been able to do on one's own.
For me, it was important to gain an external, professional view, an exploratory and questioning approach to implement the necessary changes. This approach and the methods of how we achieved the desired results suited me very well. I learned a lot during this period.“

Karmen Paul

former Principal at Viimsi School, today's Principal of Viimsi High School

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„Collaboration with you has been beyond value-creating. I am ready to do it all over again with you and recommend you to others without hesitation. For me, leadership quality expresses itself mainly through three indicators: business result, client satisfaction, and employee commitment. Our collaboration has been oriented towards the latter one, and the freshly received study results confirm that our employees' commitment stays on a very high level. It is possible to uphold that indicator through a high leadership quality in all management levels. When we started with the developmental management program, I did not have a clear vision of how to do it and where it will take us exactly but we sensed the necessity for it. We combined the company’s internal sense of what was needed with your skills and methodologies, and we achieved great results. I consider the supervision sessions you led with the board especially valuable. The complicated issues that we discussed and the new ideas that emerged have been the foundation of great changes at Elektrilevi. I have received the same feedback also from the department managers' group. The work conducted in training groups and in smaller circles has taken Elektrilevi to be more open as an organization. The organization has enjoyed the development of reasoning skills and the courage to be different. Combined with that, there is an increase of fastidiousness towards the leadership skills of managers at every management level. That, in turn, has pulled the leaders out of their comfort zones and made them think of leadership as a profession every step of the way, and filtered out some weaker ones that need support.“

Tarmo Mere

Chairman of the Board (years 2008-2017), Elektrilevi

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„I recommend Haide when you need to start a new team or to raise the trust level of the existing team to new heights. Haide is a very warm person who creates an atmosphere of trust, and that creates trust also between team members. As a man as well as a leader, I have learned many useful tips and exercises from Haide on how to direct team members to collaborate better, and for example, how to manage meetings better. I recommend Haide also as a personal coach. She is a good listener and can help to find a way out as well as a new perspective also in difficult situations.“

Kalev Reiljan

Head of Technology Unit at Elion during 2016-2018, today’s Member of the Board at Eesti Gaas

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Process-oriented psychologist and coach with international work experience. Reet has over 20 years of experience in developing leaders, teams and organizations as the People and Culture Lead and member of executive board. She has lived and worked abroad, supporting local business-development under European Union Commission in Kosovo, and practicing as a process-oriented therapist is the USA. Today she combines her psychological knowledge with practical experience in supporting leaders and teams as a coach.

Degrees and certificates: MA in Process-Oriented Psychology from (Process Work Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA), Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coach Federation.

“I believe that raising awareness is the key to sustainable growth and development, and I have deep curiosity for finding and realizing the hidden potential in individuals and teams.”

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"I turned to Reet when looking for a guide to help me find a good solution in difficult employment relations. Reet as a person is an extremely pleasant conversation partner who gives wise impulses with her easygoing communication style, and she casually directs you towards solutions. Many times I was amazed about the solutions we found – they felt so self-explanatory and connected to me but I doubt if I would have found them on my own. Because of her smart questions, I was able to realize which aspects I can change myself and is therefore worth investing in. And on which aspects it is not worth spending my energy. She didn’t only help in professional matters but also in the matters of universal self-management: how to organize my daily life so that I have more freedom and inspiration to take on important things."

Jane Õispuu

Head of Politics, European Commission Representation in Estonia

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„Coaching experience with Reet was something new to me. It was the first time I had this kind of training. It was interesting: at times fun, but also challenging, it was not easy. It made me understand team management from more scientific angle and see certain aspects which were previously unnoticed. It helped me to understand my own leadership style as well as development areas and gave me tools to work on improvements. Also, my team really appreciated me involving them in the process. Overall, it improved my awareness of how, what I do and say, is seen by others, and what others are not always telling me. And of course, couching techniques that I learned are very useful, and very powerful tools. My boss has “caught” me using them with her (without me being aware of doing it), and she has admitted that my techniques are very efficient.”

Gatis Licitis

Head of Customer Marketing, Betsafe Baltics, Tallinn, Estonia

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“Working with Reet as my coach this year has been, and continues to be, a real growth experience. Her style is one of balance, at times soft and allowing, creating a real sense of spaciousness, and at other times fearlessly incisive, cutting through the crap with a clear focus.
She has an ability to see what is needed in the moment, and responds to that. She also has a way of working that allows the unexpected to arise, and be examined creatively, whilst then anchoring it very rationally in the real world. I leave every session with a new insight about myself, my process and clear steps towards whatever project I am working on.”

Viki Hall

Founding Partner at Lanellsohn, Coach and Learning Designer, London, UK

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„Reet coached me though some difficult times at work. She is fantastic at really listening, noticing feedback and following her instincts to ask the right questions and know when to give space and when to focus more on something. She helped me get to the bottom of the problem and figure out what I really wanted in the situation and explore some options for creating the changes I was looking for. It was great to come back and discus how things had gone in between sessions, and look at the barriers I was experiencing, and celebrate my successes. I don't like being given advice unless I ask for it, so I found her spacious, yet focused style of coaching really suited me.“

Penny Watson

Community Development Specialist, Alice Springs, NT, Australia

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“Reet has been instrumental in helping me through several situations, the biggest one being a crisis at work that revolved around a destructive and unravelling relationship with a boss who tried to fire me. It was stressful, frightening, and frustrating to say the least, but Reet systematically helped me work through many aspects, including my reactivity, connectivity, and coping mechanisms. Her approach challenged me to open my mind, take responsibility as appropriate, and shed light on discrepancies in a non-accusatory way. I appreciate her balanced approach at challenges me, but ultimately supporting my decisions. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

J. Scott Carroll

Manager of Service Training Development at Daimler Trucks North America, Portland, Oregon, USA

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"I had the pleasure of working with Reet a few years back, when I invited her onto a project to create a training for an organization here in Portland. The project was in the very late stages. From the moment she stepped on, Reet was completely present and attentive to all of the details. Thanks to her creativity and insight, the content and vision of the training became polished, at a level beyond my imagining. Reet has a capacity to sit with challenges, get to the essence, and align with emerging possibilities and solutions. She brings an ease and clarity to her work and is a total pleasure to collaborate with!"

Elsa Henderson

Coach and Facilitator, Catalyst Coaching, Portland, Oregon, USA

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“Wonderful things started to happen when we verbalized results in our group coaching session. Although the goal had already been visualized, the support from the group gave it a whole new impetus. I have greater faith in myself – I am capable of doing the things that I really want to do! Taking this journey paid off already during the first two months that followed.“

Aive Uus

CEO, Concise OÜ

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“I am grateful to myself that amid a life full of activities and responsibilities, I showed enough selfishness and took some time for myself. Engaging in self-development has been helpful to me in getting past my comfort zones, setting goals, and enjoying the ride while doing all that. Group coaching sessions have given me the skills to be gentle towards myself and the ability to act as a counselor to myself. I am very grateful for these new internal experiences, and I know that this is only the beginning. I recommend a coaching session with Reet to everyone who wishes to move forward with awareness and well-being.”

Pirgit Kasemets

Consultant of Digital Systems, ModelStyle OÜ

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Enn is a manager with 23 years of experience. He coaches teams and offers support in leadership development.

In the past, Enn has been IT and Product Development Manager and the Lead of Key Customer Management at Telia, Board Member and Development Manager at Eesti Telekom, Chairman of the Board at IT Koolituskeskus OÜ, Board Member of IT Demokeskus and SA Vaata Maailma. He was also a longtime CEO of the leading Estonian technology company MicroLink.

My qualifications include Psychodrama Practitioner and Supervisor and Coach (Moreno Training Center).

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"Enn Saar supported us in reviewing the strategy and guiding the future of the Estonian ICT Cluster. I very much enjoyed the holistic approach to the entire process that Enn facilitated, where we were not offered what we initially ordered on paper, but what came out during the course of the work, what we actually needed. I would like to praise the chosen methodology to carry out the work - the meetings and seminars were very systematic, thought out to detail, and also engaging which helped to achieve a stronger team involvement and commitment with the issue at hand. You can be sure that when working with Enn on implementing change you will not be forgotten during the moments in the process when the priority of the topic tends to get lost among all the daily activities. "


Manager of the ICT Cluster



Monika kas led different teams, business sectors and segments for 20 years. For 12 years, she worked in Telia leading B2C and B2B business management units. The units’ responsibility is to create, launch, and implement new products and services, and the management of the entire product lifecycle through profitability and client satisfaction.

Monika’s teams have developed web portals, self-service sections, websites, TV services, smartphone applications, equipment, and publications. She was co-creator and leader of Telia’s user experience team in 2012-2016. Monika has also managed customer experience units in the logistics and medical sectors.

During recent years, Monika has been focused on the consulting and testing of the whole user experience chain and the coaching of various companies and teams.

Monika’s supervisor and coach training meets ANSE and NBBE standards.



Tiivi is passionate about building brand experiences throughout the customer journey. Tiivi has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and branding. Today, Tiivi is leading a marketing department in an international company in the field of energy, being responsible for marketing activities in five countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Finland).
Previously, she has worked at the Havas agency as a strategist and many years in the telecommunications sector, leading brands such as Elion, EMT, and Telia. Tiivi has executed several successful rebranding processes. Her portfolio includes the most successful retail offer in the vicinity – that of Enefit Green’s IPO. The rebranding of Elion and EMT into Telia and creating value offers that clients care about. The repositioning of Elion from entertainer to a smart service provider. The launching of many services and taking them to the top of the market’s leaderboard.



Kuldar has 15 years of experience in process and quality management and in implementing customer feedback systems in Telia, MicroLink and Eesti Post.

For more than 10 years, he has been growing his company Recommy which develops, implements and consults in client feedback systems. Since 2013, Kuldar has offered quality-management-related consultations focusing on conscious management of client experience within an organisation. Recommy has more than 100 regular customers in the Baltics and Scandinavia (both in the government and business sectors), whom we help to succeed in client experience management.

As a result of complementary education, he has a certificate in SixSigma Green Belt, ITIL foundation (ITIL is the best practice of IT processes) and is an ISO9001 auditor (Certificate of IRCA ISO9001, certificate of lead auditor competence).



Valter Kungla has been a software engineer and leader for 17 years. He has developed, advised, and overseen public procurement projects such as the “ÕIS” Study Information System. Valter has worked with a small startup team, collectively elevating it to unicorn status (Pipedrive), where he also contributed to the development of a unique software development methodology alongside a team of leaders. He has served as a team leader in the fast-growing international company Twilio, spearheading collaborative projects with partners at Google. He has designed several metric systems to measure software quality and team efficiency.

Valter has completed training in business process modeling, user interface design, and ScrumMaster, earning the respective certifications. Over the past five years, he has studied group management, sociometry, supervision, and coaching at the Moreno Center, conducting various team training sessions.

“Life is about individual and collective growth. Effective teamwork leads us to our desired objectives, allowing us to achieve sensational changes.”

Kelli VILU


Kelli Vilu has been actively involved in different organizing teams – more than 3 years in the field of culture as interpreter/translator/cast manager; 10 years in Estonian Dance Agency organizing and developing the festival „Koolitants“, incl. 4 years as assistant to CEO; over 3 years in the field of business managing the biggest foreign chamber of commerce in Estonia; the project lead of two conferences for Vaikuseminutid, etc. In addition, she has more than 25 years of experience as a freelance translator. Complementary training in mindfulness, yogic lifestyle and experience counselling have broadened her knowledge and skills in self-awareness.

„Regardless of the field of activity and the tasks at hand, I have considered humane contact between people most important and I have dedicated my time to projects that carry deeper values for me. I have come to appreciate self-management skills as being human is an art we should all practice daily with awareness and enthusiasm.“

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