Inner Compass

Group Coaching / Personal Development Journey

You want to contribute to the world as an entrepreneur, leader or expert in your field and you are looking for the inner key that would release your full potential?

You feel that you could take a leap in your career, if you could...

  • Think out loud and discuss your professional challenges
  • Hear and analyse other professionals’ stories
  • Take time for a deep self-reflection
  • Test and practise behaviours and approaches, that are new for you
  • Feel the support of others, who are on a similar journey

You can start your Inner Compass personal development journey from where you are today, moving forward in the direction and pace, that you choose

  • This is a place, where you can dream without limits, gain clarity, overcome fears, and get things moving
  • This is a channel for feeling your potential and power and learning to use it
  • This is a space, where everybody is equal, where your unique nature, experience and needs help to design the course of the journey
  • This is an experiential space, where tools and techniques from process-oriented psychology and coaching are used for increasing awareness and promoting inner growth
  • This is a group for getting inspired and motivated, to be the drop of water that creates ripples, that change the world!

Facilitated by Reet Neemoja

Development Partner, Coach (ACC)

“Raising awareness is the key to sustainable growth and



One of my favourite research topics is power, especially personal power. I dived into the topic during the Master’s and Diploma program in Process-Oriented PsychologyIn today’s world where the question “Why?” is almost as important as the air that we breathe or food that we eat, we need new instruments to achieve our goals and feel fulfilment. The challenge is not how to get a higher position in competition with others, but how to contribute and enrich the world in your own unique way. Inner Compass is a lab for exploring and experimenting with your uniqueness, to find ways to make positive impact in the world in personally satisfying way.“

Inner Compass is:

Professionally facilitated monthly sessions focused on specific development topics. (8 meetings in total).

Clear focus and measurable results – you will set clear professional goals in the beginning of the journey and measure the result in the end. 

Exercises and tools to support personal development and practicing new skills between the sessions. 

A tight-knit community of like-minded people (max 12) to discuss your ideas with and get support from.


Expectations for participants:

Dedication and presence to build trust in the group for deep individual work and to give you an opportunity for systematic development.



The for the Inner Compass program is 400€. Monthly payment plan of 4×110€ is available upon request. 20% VAT is added to prices.


How to find out more and enroll?

Sign up for a FREE introduction of the program by clicking the “I am interested” button.

Please contact me at reet@sunergos.ee or +372 522 5596 with any questions about the programme.


“To those who want sustainable organizations and communities, my advice is: begin by being humble. Go back to school. Learn awareness. Learn about rank. You will save yourself and your community a lot of pain.” 

― Arnold Mindell, Sitting in the Fire: Large Group Transformation Using Conflict and Diversity


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